Footprints: By the Sea Shore FRONT COVERFootprints: By the Sea Shore
It is no surprise wthat footprints will feature in a book that is otherwise about the interesting things one sees along the shoreline. Many things you expect, such as boats, shells, patterns in the sand, people walking dogs, children's sand castles, old bits of rope, plastic detritus and seaweed.

I'm constantly surprised by things such as bare footprints on a December morning, wild boar prints after night-foraging in rock pools and the variety of lrabs in these pools. Also in the book will be pictures of buoys detached from their mooring, heavy pieces of marine ironmongery brought effortlessly ashore on storm tides and yoga practice.

The book is scheduled for publication early in 2018. I have not decided on book dimensions yet. An interest in the seaside began with living in Whitstable and my first photo book Seaside Frolics: Whitstable, Tankerton & Herne Bay of the early 2000s.

Here are some sample images: