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I'm an independent author and publisher. Click on the book and song titles for something to read and listen to. Paperback and e-book sales are handled by Amazon world-wide via my RoseTintedSpecs Imprint.

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Author, Photographer, Musician, Publisher

Welcome David Gordon Roseto my Website

I'm an independent author and publisher. You can read a sample of my projects and published work by clicking on the titles below. Paperback and e-book sales are handled by Amazon via my publishing company RoseTintedSpecs Imprint.

From my Music page you can listen to some of my material including a recent batch of harmonizations of the French classic round, Frère Jacques. Short scores and lead sheets can be downloaded without charge. Please contact me david@ ramblingrose.eu or publisher@ rosetintedspecs.com. I removed my contact page because of spamming.
I'm no longer tooled up for professional photographic work but have a dozen pictures under Photographer. My current photographic project, Beach Photography Volume 1, has been in limbo for more than a year because of Covid travel restrictions but will be ready for publication in October.

Titles in Preparation

Apart from the Beach Photography volume, I have begun work again on my Rose's Thesaurus. This dates back to interest from the Cambridge University Press in 1989 in commissioning my Reverse English Dictionary. That project fell by the wayside because Chambers, who were to do the physical printing of a planned range of dictionaries for CUP, were bought out by a French publishing company who scotched the co-publishing deal. My sizeable sample dictionary has changed in format to a thesaurus with alphabetical listings of definitions followed by word. 

My Photographer page is currently showing T-shirts that will give an idea of the contents of Volume 7 in my Anorak's Guides.

Volumes 1-8 Anorak's Guides projected titles:

1)  Beach Photography 1: Beach Cool
2)  Beach Photography 2: Promenade
3)  Beach Photography 3: Footprints
4)  Beach Photography 4: Footprints bare
5)  Cemeteries
6)  Book of Numbers
7)  T-shirts
8Essential Wedding Photography

Published Work
Beach Photography 1: Beach Cool
Info coming shortly on these four titles

Autumn: Falling Leaves

Beach Photography 3: Footprints

Beach Photography 4: Footprints bare

Seaside Frolics: Whitstable, Tankerton & Herne Bay
(2nd edition)
This is the definitive book of pictures of these three towns on Kent's North Coast through the seasons (I have yet to be challenged on this!) There is a new layout and many more pictures including the originals from between 2003 and 2006. It is the first in my (as publisher) Collections series. Large format (8" x 10", 254.0 mm x 203.4 mm) paperback, photography with 181 photographs, full colour. The e-book is a facsimile of the paperback.
Notes on the Botany of the Bible
The manuscript discovered in France on which my book is based was written in the 1920s by an amateur but knowledgeable botanist with a passion for the Scriptures. I photographed the entire exercise book and updated everything. The book is the first in my Reference series and, as far as I know, the only such reference book about plants of the Bible. Large format (8" x 10") paperback, reference with line drawings, mono. The e-book is a facsimile of the paperback.

Penny Lane goes to Italy
This is a comedy drama about two Little People, sons of an Italian count who rob a Swiss bank of money belonging to the family that was lent to the Nazis during WWII. It is the first in a series of stories set around Europe with the Penny Lane Agency linking them. Trade paperback (5.5" x 8.5", 140 mm x 216 mm), fiction, with line drawings, mono. Also an e-book.
Poems Writ for Lublu: A Tragedie in Fifty-one Sonnets
This is a sequence of sonnets in the Elizabethan form. Of my goal of 155 (one more than Shakespeare wrote to his loves) I had written 51 at the time of The Lady's death ("the Tragedie.") Trade paperback (5.5" x 8.5"), poetry, illustrated, mono. Also an e-book.

A thriller about the abduction of teenagers across Europe for sex slavery by a criminal syndicate and Hong Kong's notorious 14K triad. It is essentially a love story with action across Europe and Asia. Trade paperback (5.5" x 8.5"), fiction, mono. Also an e-book.

Editing of two forthcoming works by author Rose MacFarlane for RoseTintedSpecs Imprint is ongoing.